Orthopedic Care Pathways – Centric Health Triage Assessment Program

The following chart depicts care pathways you may be directed to after your initial orthopedic assessment. Please select one of the five options below to discover more about each pathway.

Further Investigation
(if required)
Care Paths Diagram - Triage Assessment Program
Treatment Referral
& Devices
Other Services
Specialist Referral

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The Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner possesses a unique skillset beyond that of a regular physiotherapist including; ordering laboratory and radiographic tests (under delegation) as well as orthopedic examinations to assist with triaging patients for surgery and non-surgical treatment care pathways. The Advanced Practice Physiotherapist role provides an ideal opportunity to educate patients on treatment options and how to manage their symptoms. The purpose of this role is to improve patient access to timely surgical care by reducing wait times for surgery and recommending appropriate conservative treatment when indicated.