Contact Centric Health’s Triage Assessment Program

Centric Health Triage Assessment Program
2863 Ellesmere Road Suite 204
Scarborough ON M1E 5E9
Phone: 416-284-5318
FAX: 416-284-5518
Specialty: Hip, Knee and Foot/Ankle
Advisors: Dr. J. Hummel, FRCSC
    Dr. R. Kaminker, FRCSC

LifeMark Physiotherapy Triage Assessment Program
2249 Carling Avenue Suite 105
Ottawa, ON K2B 7E9
Phone: 613-721-2120
FAX: 613-721-2151
Specialty: Shoulder, Spine, Hip & Knee, Foot & Ankle
Advisor(s): Dr. C. Raynor FRCS(C)

LifeMark Physiotherapy Triage Assessment Program
1221 Barlow Trail South East
Calgary, AB T2C 5E7
Phone: 403-569-8050
FAX: 403-365-4699
Specialty: Shoulder and Knee
Advisors: Dr. I. Lo, FRCSC
    Dr. Timmermann, FRCSC

LifeMark Physiotherapy Triage Assessment Program
12080 Nordel Way Suite 209
Surrey, British Columbia V3W 1P6
Phone: 604-591-3633
FAX: 604-591-3660
Specialty: Spine
Advisors: Dr. N. Heran, FRCSC

LifeMark Sports Medicine Triage Assessment Program
6111 River Road Suite 160
Richmond, British Columbia V7C 0A2
Phone: 604-244-8825
FAX: 604-244-8835
Specialty: Shoulder and Knee
Advisors: Dr. F. Tarazi, FRCSC


The Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner possesses a unique skillset beyond that of a regular physiotherapist including; ordering laboratory and radiographic tests (under delegation) as well as orthopedic examinations to assist with triaging patients for surgery and non-surgical treatment care pathways. The Advanced Practice Physiotherapist role provides an ideal opportunity to educate patients on treatment options and how to manage their symptoms. The purpose of this role is to improve patient access to timely surgical care by reducing wait times for surgery and recommending appropriate conservative treatment when indicated.