About the Triage Assessment

Centric Health, along with Canada’s top Specialists have developed the Triage Assessment Program (TAP) to assist patients in accessing the right pathway to care in a timely, effective manner. We offer treatment options and symptom management options for knee replacement, rotator cuff tear, hip replacement and other Orthopedic conditions. Whether you have been referred to TAP through your Specialist or you have heard of our program from another source, this is where your path to expedited care begins.

After an injury or ailment, determining your unique needs is an important step in achieving best results. We know how challenging and frustrating it can be for patients and their families to navigate healthcare choices and options. Often we are left waiting and wondering if surgery is the right path or if there are alternative solutions. Together with Canada’s leading physicians, we have developed a national network of highly specialized practitioners who will assist you in determining the direction of care that's best for you. Our network of professionals can address a wide range of Orthopaedic conditions and help you realize and maintain your optimal health.

Centric Health will be there for every step of your care to ensure best practice and outcome, so you can get back to living life to your full potential.

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The Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner possesses a unique skillset beyond that of a regular physiotherapist including; ordering laboratory and radiographic tests (under delegation) as well as orthopedic examinations to assist with triaging patients for surgery and non-surgical treatment care pathways. The Advanced Practice Physiotherapist role provides an ideal opportunity to educate patients on treatment options and how to manage their symptoms. The purpose of this role is to improve patient access to timely surgical care by reducing wait times for surgery and recommending appropriate conservative treatment when indicated.